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A Beginner's Guide to Hen Party Planning

Posted on January 06 2019

A Beginner's Guide to Hen Party Planning


So your best friend said yes and asked you to help her find the dress! Of course you can't wait to stand by her side when she marries the man of her dreams!! But before you get to the big day you've also inherited the not so small feat of planning the Hen Party, the ultimate send-off from Miss to Mrs.

If this is the first time you've planned a Hens Party, we're sure you have a 100 questions or more! It's inevitable that you'll find it a little overwhelming at times so we are here to help you! We will give you all of the tips, tricks, ideas and inspo to really create an event to remember. The Hen Affair celebrates what will soon become your Love Affair with planning the ultimate Hen Party, whatever that looks like for you. We set a standard for straight style, class and a little side of sass! So let's start this blog with a list of things to remember in the planning process to keep you and your Maids uber cool, calm and collected throughout the process!  

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1. Names and Dates

Sit down with the Bride to Be and have her write you a detailed list of all of the ladies in her world she would love to have at her Hen Party. By sitting down together you will make sure no one is missed who you might not have met before, skipping any awkies. Next establish the workable dates with your Hen and see whether she has a preference for a day event, evening or stretched out over a weekend. This will really set you and your Hen up for a party to remember. 

2. Work Together With The Other Maids

Gather your fellow Bridesmaids and Besties (The Squad) to help you plan the party! It's time to light the fire, so start looking for the doers in the group. These people will be your tribe and help you keep the show on the road before the big day. Do these simple things to helps the team stay on track:

  1. Setup a WhatsApp group to begin brainstorming - communication is key!
  2. Responsibilities, Responsibilities, Responsibilities - spread the load, it'll save your bacon when life gets in the way of the party planning. 
  3. Schedule 3 catch ups, video calls or group chat sessions to make sure everyone's got their eye on the ball.
  4. Have fun with it!

3. Set & Manage Your BUDGET

The next most important step is to agree upon a budget with your other Maids. It's better to be open with the dollars initially than start spending and realise you may as well be planning the wedding! Some key things to consider when setting the budget are:

  1. Travel - Who's near, who's far. 
  2. Accommodation - Make it comfy so you can all get the Mary's into you at breakfast together the morning after. 
  3. Activities - Get creative, be cheeky, sassy and classy. 
  4. The Essentials - Props, Games, Apparel, Balloons & Banners - That's where we've got you covered. 
  5. Contingency - have some spare dollars for after the Prosecco starts flowing. 

Now we know what's included in your budget let's look at how to manage it. Here's some helpful hints to get you going:

  1. Breakdown the budget and allocate responsibilities. 
  2. Add reminders to everyone's diaries for when costs are due. 
  3. Decide on a delivery address for internet purchases - this person is the "Keeper of Joy". 
  4. Download Splitwise - This will help you and your tribe track and manage costs to make sure you are all sharing the love equally. 
  5. Talk, Talk, Talk - Use the WhatsApp group. 

4. Pick Your Theme

If you've decided your best friend's Hen's is to be themed, then yay, it's time to get creative!! There are so many options and really cool themes, so it's important to understand what you want because Accommodation and Activities can be based around the theme to create really cool bride vibes!!! Try planning the theme around your Hen's honeymoon destination. Think Aruba, this could lead to a beach side accommodation option and bright outdoor theming styles.

5. Choose Your Location

You can stay at home, local or in town, interstate or international, really the world is your oyster! Destination party's can be fun and inexpensive if planned right, but once again it's important to consider the budget and those who are attending the Hens Party. Are there parents or grandparents or are there young children involved? It's important to consider these details and accommodate for all those attending. This will very much help in deciding where the Bachelorette Bash will be.

6. Choose Your Accommodation 

So your Hens Party is out of town, it's time pick the accommodation. Budget will come into play and also your theme!! Get creative with what you choose and remember styling on the day will add spice!!! Some tips for booking accommodation:

  1. Time is everything! Book as far out as you can.
  2. Larger numbers can bring cost savings with the higher the number the lesser the rate. Look into your options and think smart!
  3. Consider cleaning - boring, we know, but budgeting a cleaner in can help you and your Hen spend the next day starfish on the beach or the morning out at brunch. Eliminate any worry from the night before. 

7. Choose your Activities

Now to really have some fun! Start thinking about what activities you will have at the Hen Party! Get creative!! This could be anything from a flower crown workshop, to a hip hop dance class or a life drawing class!!! You can get as cheeky, sassy or crazy as you like! Try and make your activities as interactive as possible and bring the squad together! Consider if you need transport to get from A to B for your activities or alternatively keep it in house and source mobile vendors to bring the fun to you!!

Image via Hen Party Life Drawing Parties

8. Decide On Your Games

If your bride to be is happy to have games, they will also need to be decided in the lead up to your event. Get as creative or as cheeky as you like! Once again considering the guests attending. It's important to remember prizes for your games and if there will be any, prizes can take some time and planning so be sure to start thinking about this early.

9. The Essentials

For those Bridesmaids that take event styling in their stride, you will LOVE this part of the planning! The Essentials are all of the fun extra's you want on the day like Sashes, Badges, Temporary Tattoo's, Balloons and Apparel to really make your bride tribe stand out from the crowd. Let us help you with all that! After all the most important thing is to make sure no-one misses the Bride to Be!

10. Thinking About Food

If food wasn't already an important thang, adding a day of drinking bumps it up the list! Consider what activities you have planned and where food breaks will fit into the equation. It's good to always plan snacks on arrival to spice it up and something hearty later to keep you going. Also be mindful of those guests who may have dietary requirements. Take to the WhatsApp group to confirm dietary preferences to make sure everyone is catered for seamlessly!

11. Send Out The Invites

Now you have decided on all of the big ticket items its time to get the invite out to all your guests! This can be managed in different ways but what it really comes down to is how much time you have. If you have the budget and more time, we love a gorgeous mail delivered paper invite!!! Templates can be found all over the internet and are fairly easy to get sorted. Just make sure you have the correct address info for all of your guests so the invite makes it! Alternatively, to save time and budget create a facebook event, email list or broader WhatsApp group to spread the word and send out the finer details. 

12. Spoil the Bride To Be In the Lead Up

After all the Hen Party is all about the Bride to Be! Consider spoiling her and booking her in for a wedding hair and makeup trial the morning of the Hens. This gives the bride the opportunity to trial her wedding day hair and makeup artists and make her feel extra special!! Get glam girls, because #wine not!

13. On The Day Styling

On the day, make sure you get into your space early to set up the theme and styling for the soon to be Hen Party! Have your kit ready to go with a plan in place for what needs to get done. Rally the other Maids together and have some fun!

Happy Hen Planning Lady Loves! X 


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