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10 Hen Party Games For Your Next Bach Bash!

Posted on January 12 2019

10 Hen Party Games For Your Next Bach Bash


Hi Sassy Ladies!

So it's time to start thinking about some games to really set the tone of your upcoming Hen Party! You might be new to planning or you might just be looking for a solid list of games with a twist that are fun, fabulous and sure to be on the fine line between incriminating and straight up hilarious. Games for creating new memories for you and your Bride Tribe. Well, you've come to the right blog because at The Hen Affair, we love fun, that's full of class and in turn creates a little sass! It's our brand and our love affair and we are excited to share with you, our favourite 10 games for Hen Party memory making you will never want to forget!!!

Prosecco Pong

Is it even a Hens Party if there isn't Prosecco involved? We think not! This classy adaption to the old school Beer Pong is the perfect starter to your day or night. It's incredibly fun, full of laughs and sure the bring the party to life. With Prosecco pong everybody wins...the sharpest eye claims the glory and the losers get to drink their loss. 

Prosecco Pong Is Coming Soon to The Hen Affair!

He Said, She Said

The He Said, She Said Game is one that is both heart warming and hilarious to play! This game requires a little bit of forward planning by thinking up between ten to twelve questions about the relationship history of the Bride & Groom and asking in advance the Groom. The idea is to either record on paper or for maximum effect video HIS answers! On the night, ask the Bride to Be the same list of questions as you did the Groom and if wrong the future Mrs. gets to take a drink. A hint for those newbies, you can keep it as clean or make it cheeky as you like!

Pin the Trunks on the Hunk

The Pin the Trunks on the Hunk Game is the aged old children's game that has a twist of sheer adultness when adapted to today's Hen Party! Again you can go as clean or as naughty as you like. What you'll need:

  • A hi-res poster of one hell of a hunk, the bigger you can go the more life like it becomes, aim for a minimum A1 to get a real life effect.
  • One Blindfold, find a pattern that fits your theme!
  • Blue Tack.
  • A pair of trunks.

Start by blindfolding each guest, spin them around and see how close they get to the Hunks junk. A milder version of this game is Pin a Kiss on the Lips. Same idea, just reverting from trunks, aiming for the lips instead. Get creative with what you use to pin on the lips!

The Toilet Paper Game

The Toilet Paper Game has stood the test against time for Hen Parties and rightfully so. It's hilarious, and perfect for guests of all ages. This games requires ALOT of toilet paper. Basically the Bride Tribe needs to split into small groups and select a model or the Bride herself. The aim of the game being to style and create a wedding dress suitable for the Bride. Step it up a level by adding on a timer to make the girls finish fast! Take it a step further and have some fun by making a model montage out of it! Share your pictures with us via @thehenaffair we'd love to see it!

Bra Pong

This game is one for the competitive ladies out there! Set it up by attaching bras to a board with smaller cup sizes at the top and larger at the bottom. You can use classy, quirky and fun designs to tie in with your overall theme. Get yourself some ping pong balls and plan out a scoring system. If you're feeling overly competitive stand a little further back and have some fun!

Pass the Parcel

Everyone knows this childhood game but have you heard of the classy revamp that fills your night with lasting fun? Well it's here at The Hen Affair and we love it! The key is to make sure you have enough layers of tissue paper to hide small gifts for the rest of the I Do Crew. Really set the the tone by incorporating a final prize for the Bride to Be herself. This game can really set the main Hen up making sure everyone knows who she is!

What you'll need:

  • Music - This game is exactly like the childhood version just revamped! Start the music and randomly stop, every time the music stops the person holding the parcel opens the next layer. Put your best girl tunes on, we're vibing Beyonce!!! Be sure the last present gets to the bride. 
  • Tissue paper and sticky tape - to layer it up and hide the presents for each lady playing, count your numbers to make sure you create enough layers to go around! Make sure you start by wrapping the last present first and continue to add more layers from there.
  • Guest Gifts - to hide between the tissue paper layers. For the guests, try temporary tattoos, nail polish, lipstick, hair ties, face masks, and headache cures or for a naughtier side run with massage oils, condoms, dares and beyond. How naughty you go is up to you!
  • Bride to Be final prize - This could be the perfect time to add in what bride apparel you want to dress the Bride in and to make sure everyone for the remainder of the night knows who she is! Or alternatively you could also think of a sentimental gift of many past years of memories! 

Glass Ice Breaker

This game is the sophisticated favourite to bring the girls together and get the conversation flowing for new and old alike. If you're having welcome drinks, before everyone arrives add a one word conversation starter to the bottom of each glass. Hand the glasses out and when they are into the fizz let them know once their glass is done to look at the word at the bottom and start a conversation with the lady to their left. A brilliant and chic game to relax the vibe and set the night up for success!

The Panties Game

This One's for the cheeky ladies! A little bit of fun from the I Do Crew to the Bride herself. Ask each person coming to the Bachelorette Bash to purchase a cheap pair of panties that has a memory between the guest and the Bride herself and ask the guest to bring them to the party. Pool together the panties in advance and at the beginning of the game give the panties to the Bride to Be and have her guess who brought them for her. A fun way to hear interesting stories of the Bride to Be with each other lady in the room. 

Naughty Moulding

This game is hilarious and one to be had a little further into the night. All you require is Play-Doh and a little imagination! Break the Tribe up into groups or individually have them mould the Play Doh into various male parts. Get creative, be naughty or nice. Have the Tribe vote for their favourites; you'll be amazed by how competitive and imaginative your ladies are! 

Hen Hunt

This one takes some creativity and pre-planning, but with a bit of effort it pays off every time! Ideally taking place in a set location like the Hens house; set up a treasure hunt with clues that tests everyone's knowledge of the future bride. An example of a clue could be ‘Olivia wore this outfit on her and Matt's first date,’ leading the Bride Tribe to search through the future bride’s wardrobe to locate the next clue hidden in the outfits’ pocket. The fun goes on!

Have fun planning ladies!! xx


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