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She's Gorgeous, She's Full Of Class, She's The Floral Hen!

Posted on January 28 2019

She's Gorgeous, She's Full Of Class, She's The Floral Hen!


Ladies!!! This week we wanted to share with you the exciting launch of what will soon be The Floral Hen. This new range is the perfect addition to your classy Hen Party with its gorgeous soft floral tones. The new range is exactly what you need for your upcoming Summer Hen celebration and can be easily adapted to Boho, Vintage, Festival and Glamping style theme's. With the official launch date on the 28 February 2019 we are taking pre orders now! Make sure you get in quickly to get your hands on the stunning theme that is sure to wow your entire Bride Tribe!


The Prosecco Bubbly Drinks Wall Holder - Set up your own little Prosecco Bubbly Corner to really add a unique touch to your unforgettable day! The Bride Tribe will love you forever and cheers you for the sheer class this decoration adds! Donut walls were so 2018, now it's time for bubble walls!!!!

Go old school and bring along a disposable camera! This Team Bride Floral Hen Photo Album is a gorgeous and thoughtful gift for your Hen. Capture the memories of your event for years to come. This album is a brilliant option as a prize in one of your games. Try hiding it in the final layer of our Pass The Parcel game. This idea is not only a beautiful gift it's one that's sure to blow your Bride to Be away!

The Floral Hen Bridesmaid Sashes! After all is it even a Hen Party without Sashes that say so? We think not!!! These stunning sashes fit the theme of Floral Hen and come in the options of Team Bride, Bridesmaid and Bride To Be! Make sure you make the Bride Tribe stand out with these gorgeous additions to your classic, vintage Hens.

Matchy Matchy!!! We love the detail when it comes to dressing the Hen Party and what's not to love about these stunning Floral Hen Paper Napkins. Match them in with our Paper Cups to really add the extra flair to your Hen Party! Think Bachella! Festival Hen loves detail and this addition would really take your Pre Dance Party to the next level!!!

If your Vintage Hen Party is all about the theatrics, these gorgeous Floral Hen props are the perfect addition to really jazz it up! This PhotoBooth Kit comes as a pack with all of the signs and accessories to spice up the party. Incorporate the props into your Hen Party games and really turn it on! Have some fun, take lots of pictures and share them with us on Instagram at @thehenaffair

We hope you are as excited about this new range as we are. We know this theme is going to be a hit, so make sure you jump in quickly to pre order the range before it's launch date! Remember that's the 28 February 2019.

Happy Hen Planning Ladies! xx


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